Our Causes

Our Causes

Our mission at Wishful is to provide premium, small-batch, sustainably-sourced coffee for a cause.  For every bag of coffee sold, we will donate 20% of proceeds to charitable organizations and causes; further, we will donate our time and freshly prepared coffee when volunteer opportunities arise to support our charitable partners. Below are the organizations we've worked with so far.

Navajo Relief Fund

The Navajo Relief Fund aims to help Native Americans improve the quality of their lives by providing opportunities for them to bring about positive changes in their own communities. Donations towards this unique Program of Partnership with Native Americans help provide disaster relief, healthy living assistance, and restock supplies of food & essentials. If you would like to learn more about the Navajo Relief Fund, please click here.


Power The Polls

Power The Polls is powered by partnerships between non-profits and businesses, such as the National Disability Rights Network, Fair Elections Center, Comedy Central, and Patagonia.  They aim to recruit low-COVID-risk poll workers to ensure safe, free, and fair elections, while simultaneously activating businesses to get involved.  If you would like to learn more about Power The Polls, please click here

As part of our work with Power The Polls, our donation will benefit Pizza To The Polls, a non-profit dedicated to 'making democracy delicious' and keeping spirits high by delivering fresh food to polling places with long lines.  Beyond a monetary donation, we are aiming to volunteer our time (and some freshly brewed Democracy Blend) to help Pizza To The Polls serve Philadelphia in the days leading up to the Nov. 3 election.  If you'd like to learn more about Pizza To The Polls, please click here.


Civic Alliance

The Civic Alliance is a non-partisan group of businesses working together to build a future where everyone participates in shaping our country.  We've joined the Civic Alliance alongside over 350 other companies dedicated to encouraging civic participation and championing civic engagement opportunities in our nation's communities.  If you would like to learn more about the Civic Alliance, please click here.  Additionally, our official press release announcing our membership to the Civic Alliance can be found here.



Founded in 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is the nation's foremost guardian of liberty. They are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to defending and protecting our individual rights and personal freedoms.  Through advocacy, education and litigation, attorneys, advocates and volunteers work to preserve and promote civil liberties including the freedom of speech, the right to privacy, reproductive freedom, and equal treatment under the law. They stand in defense of the rights of women and minorities, workers, students, immigrants, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and others who have seen bias and bigotry threaten the rights afforded to all of us in this country by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Wishful's specific focus is local to our roots, helping the Philadelphia chapter of the ACLU with donations and volunteer hours.  If you'd like to learn more about the ACLU, please click here


Team I Hate Cancer

Team I Hate Cancer raises money and awareness for cancer research focused on men's health, mental health therapy for families coping with a diagnosis, and patient-centered care in oncology centers.  They promote 'Hate for Good', a motivational and hopeful mindset dedicated to continuing awareness-building and driving donations for their cause through events and cycling team partnerships.  We're very excited to be partnering with Team I Hate Cancer and look forward to supporting their cause and amplifying their message!

Please consider donating any amount to Team I Hate Cancer here.  If you'd like to learn more about their cause, please click here.


Fridge Etc.

Fridge Etc. is a Cincinnati-based initiative created to nourish our communities through mutual aid by offering solutions to food scarcity and food waste. Powered by kindness, generosity, and most importantly, love, we firmly believe that feeding oneself is not a privilege, but a right.

Fridge Etc. was founded by Jordan Tuss and Toncia Chavez as a direct result of food scarcity and food waste in our Cincinnati community.  With food insecurity at an all-time high, keeping our communities fed is now more important than ever. Fridge Etc.'s goals are to keep building community and installing more free refrigerators across the city and to educate people along the journey.

Please consider donating to Fridge Etc.'s cause here.  If you'd like to learn more about their cause, please click here.



EarthJustice is a nonprofit legal organization dedicated to litigating environmental issues.  Their work ensures Earth is represented in legal battles and seeks vital protections for Earth's natural and environmental resources.  Similar to Wishful, they are "in the business of building a better future," and their work is commendable to the highest degree.  

Please consider donating to EarthJustice's cause here.  If you'd like to learn more about their cause, please click here.


Ukraine Crisis Fund

Eight years of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has already killed thousands of civilians and put millions in need of humanitarian assistance. Full-scale war in Ukraine is having catastrophic consequences. More than 1 million people have fled Ukraine in response to Russia's invasion, and millions more could follow. The COVID-19 pandemic is an added challenge for communities where violence and uncertainty takes a heavy toll.

We are proud to support the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund to help support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled.  Support of the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will be used to provide:

  • Shelter, food, and clean water for refugees
  • Health and psychosocial support
  • Access to education and economic assistance
  • And more

Please consider donating to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund here.  If you'd like to learn more about the UCRF, please click here.


Americares Israel-Gaza Conflict Fund

Tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza and Israel have been killed or injured as a result of the conflict beginning in October, 2023.  Nearly 1.9 million people so far have been displaced, while the escalation in conflict has created a major humanitarian crisis within healthcare and other essential services.  With power and sanitation shutting down, food/water supplies dwindling, and health care centers nearing full depletion of fuel and supplies, the health care system in the region is in danger of collapse. 

Americares is a neutral and impartial organization dedicated to providing health care and support in Israel and Gaza to meet the needs of those affected by the crisis.  The organization follows humanitarian principles and gives priority to the most urgent needs and cases, regardless of race, nationality, geography, gender, religious belief, political opinion, or class.  They are working with local partner organizations on the ground in Gaza and Israel to:

  • Increase access to medicine for citizens and those injured or displaced by the conflict
  • Provide medical supplies and mental health support for survivors and health care workers on the frontlines 
  • Provide logistics support, training, and emergency medical personnel to ensure aid reaches those in need despite of blockades

Please consider donating to the Americares Israel-Gaza Conflict fund here.  If you’d like to learn more about Americares’ involvement in providing medical aid and support to the region, please click here.


We are also open to suggestions of organizations to work with! If you would like to provide us organizations to consider for our next donation, please email us here.