At Wishful Roasting Coffee Co., we're excited to provide coffee, merchandise, and awareness to our sponsored partners.  Wishful's sponsored partners share our values to improve the world we live in, and we look forward to working together to support causes and hold each other accountable to our missions.

If you'd like to see how we can sponsor your team, event, podcast, or any other endeavor, please contact us here!


Cumberland Valley Collective

The Cumberland Valley Collective is a "collection of cyclists, racers, adventure riders, and overall bike vibin' dudes with the goal to make an impact on the race scene in the various disciplines of bikes while calling awareness to great causes that create a positive impact on the lives of others."  We're excited to sponsor a team of hard-working, determined endurance athletes racing with a greater purpose - values that align very closely with our own Wishful values.

If you'd like to meet the CVC team and read more about their mission, please click here!