The Perfect French Press

Trying to get that perfect French Press result, but it's just not quite right? Try these tasty steps, tested by our team every morning when we make our morning brew!

Here, we’ve got our 32oz French Press unit, along with a digital kitchen scale (zeroed at the weight of the French Press), and some coarsely ground coffee.  We’ll need to know 32 oz in grams, as this will be how we measure the ratio between water and coffee grounds. 32 oz is 907 grams (907.185 to be exact).

French press on scale with coffee grounds

The ideal ratio for Wishful coffee grounds to water that we’ve found is 1:12 (12 grams of water for every gram of coffee), but play with the ratio from 1:12 to 1:15 and find your perfect press. For this recipe, we used a 1:12 ratio, which meant requires about 76 grams of coffee. While your water is heating, measure out the coffee grounds. 

76 grams of coffee grounds in French press unit

Let the water boil, then settle, before pouring about twice as much water as coffee into the French press. For this recipe, add about 152 grams of water to the French press (can be slightly over). Stir with a bamboo paddle or chopstick and let bloom for 30 seconds.

Coffee grounds in french press with 152 grams of water

Add the remainder of the water and place the lid gently on the top of the French press. Let your coffee steep for 4 minutes — time, go!

French press assembled

Take your French press off the scale after four minutes, and with a moderate amount of pressure, press the plunger down. If it’s requiring more than a moderate amount of force, the grinds may be too fine. If the plunger thunks down easily, the grinds may be too coarse.

Go time -- press the plunger down!

Serve immediately, and enjoy!

One mug full

Second mug being filled

Second mug full -- time to enjoy!